Saturday, November 13, 2010

Play for work and work for play

Play for work and work for play
This is just a weekend roundup of interesting performances and needless to say, there are a lot of places I want to be this weekend but can’t. Anyway, for the sake of a second post, I’m going to list some of the most interesting happenings for this weekend.

Rambo Circus, Reclamation Mumbai: Haha. I went to this as a child, maybe 15 years ago? My friend Leo was there too and so was my sister. We hated the popcorn and loved the elephants. I don’t remember much more, except how petrified I was of clowns and the anticipation of watching the acrobats at play. They floated through the air, with the greatest of ease… and all that jazz.

Draupadi, NCPA: Gosh, I love a good experimental. Especially one sparked by a myth, an epic like the Mahabharata and the whole concept of it being “the lot of women to be used, abused and to suffer”. What can I say? We just have a higher threshold for pain, and the kind of patience the Buddha had to sleep (upright) under a banyan tree to attain.

30 Days in September, YB Chavan Hall: I’m actually going to this so watch this space for a review. The play revolves around a sensitive issue…  one that inspired a feature I once tried to write… I wanted it to be about Mumbai being a city where it was “the lot of women to be used, abused and suffer”. It somehow led to where I think I wanted to go to begin with. Child sexual abuse . Anyway, 30 Days in September is a play I’m really looking forward to.

The History of India VIRitten: A stand up comedy, not mocking Indian history but parodying the events that led to us being, well us. Another show I’m going for so watch this space for a review or at least a link to the review.

Bon weekend.

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