Friday, November 5, 2010

A theatre bug

New day, new blog and a million
more reasons to write
I’m a play reviewer who, for the longest time tried to keep my copy positive and balanced. In short, I wanted to be a writer whom everyone liked. They’d look at me and say, oh her, yes, she reviewed our play with such insight that it enlightened us to our own production and made us realise where we went awry.
Feigning this balance worked for some time. But then I realised, what the hell is going on here? It’s bad enough that I review almost every damn play in production, and all of them can’t, nay, aren’t good. In fact, only five odd productions actually stand out. So I decided, the time had come for me to word my views to represent what I truly thought, not what the audience’s laughter and claps make me think I should believe.
In shot, I decided to grow a pair, get me?
I’m a theatre reviewer on my way to becoming a theatre critic goddamnit. I’m not in the running for a Lifetime Popularity Award. I have the expertise, I have the knowledge and I have a goddam point of view. I guess the best that can be done is to put my thoughts out there without being too harsh, or forceful.
So welcome to my new beginning at the Caterpillar Cafe. I’m Afsha Khan, writer, theatre addict and book bug. Why don’t you check out one of my most recent play reviews?
Sigh, the actor just texted me to say thank you, and enquire whether I’d help him get a refund from New York Film Academy and The Barry John Acting Studio. Damnit…. Gracious actors who can smile in the face of criticism aren’t good for your conscience. The ungracious ones, you know the kinds who chase you with pitchforks and stakes are so much better because nothing builds more character and resilience than adversity.
On the brighter side of things, if this be the humility and sense of humour of thespians, I might have picked the right trade to write about. It also helps that I love what I do, no matter how many crappy plays I have to go for. I’m really passionate about sharing the Mumbai theatre scene with the world, and keeping it alive for an audience, many of who believe that theatre is considered fit only for the articulate “intellect”.
If it helps, I’m not articulate. Neither am I an intellect.

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