The Caterpillars

The two of us are mental enough to try and make a living off writing. This is us and some of our stuff. It spans the realm of food, travel, people and how to clean your cat.

Afsha Khan Jayapal
One half of The Caterpillar Café

Afsha is a Bangalore-based freelance writer who writes about food, fiction, travel and parenthood. She is also co-founder of Kidchen, a culinary venture that introduces kids to the wonderful world of honest flavours, fresh ingredients and good food. She uses The Caterpillar Cafe as a platform to record her notes on books, the culture of reading and the literature adventures she embarks upon every once in awhile. 

Take a look at some of her other work below: 
Personal Blog + Body of Work
Reshma Krishnan Barshikar
The other half of The Caterpillar Café

Her fellow caterpillar, Reshma Krishnan Barshikar is an erstwhile investment banker who, one fine day, fell down the rabbit hole and discovered a world outside a fluorescent cubicle. She is now a freelance travel writer and contributes to India Today Travel Plus, SilverKris, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, National Geographic Traveller and The Hindu Business Line, where she profiles entrepreneurs for the Life section that often find themselves written into her novels. 

Reshma divides her time between Mumbai and the Nilgiris where you can find her chasing an elephant named Rowdy Ranga, no really. Fade Into Red is her debut novel.

Reshma finished her schooling at Brigidine School, Windsor. She graduated with Honours from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, and has an MBA from the Indian School of Business (ISB) (Class of 2003).
She has been trying to learn how to play The Heart Asks Pleasure First by Micheal Nyman on the piano since she was fifteen, to no avail. All details on her work and her novel can be found here    

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