Thursday, October 6, 2011

RecommendedReads | Friday Book Quiz

Since we have received no right answers I am posting a clue.

Identify the books and the their authors. It is not a conceptual question related to fantasy or the artists. Best of Luck!

Hello Bookworms,

Ciao from Montalcino! Our Thursday Book Quiz is back albeit on Friday. Please forgive us but navigating the blogger website in Italian is not easy and I obviously did not schedule it right. We have made it simple since we are dying to give away our first ever voucher. The winner will receive a Rs 200 voucher from Please post your answers in the comment section. Comments will not be disclosed for twenty-four hours after which all comments will be revealed and the person who gave the first right answer will win our voucher.

So here it is - What do the following images have in common?

In other news....
What: The Theory of Structured Procrastination
Why: Because you've got better things to do right now and you'd rather indulge in something less dire, but important nonetheless.
Afsha says: John Perry, a professor at Stanford University recently won an Ig Nobel Prize (not the real thing people, just a parody) for his theory of Structured Procrastination. Do you find yourself thinking of important tasks - like memorising quantum physics - all the time? Is it most often during other pressing chores like cleaning the toilet or brading the cat's tail? If so, then you're a Structured Procrastinator and you need to read Perry's essay. No pressure though. It'll still be here after you've understood the rectangular potential barrier.

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Here's a report on some of the other Ig Nobel Prize winners, some of who did wonders with Wasabi...


  1. Are these all illustrations done by Iain Mccaig?

    Otherwise, the other similarity is that they have all been made into motion pictures.

  2. Common element - Disney or Fantasy.

  3. Nope:( So think about the books in themselves and then about the people who wrote them.

  4. You might as well reveal the results now. Time for a new post and to let everyone know the answer!

  5. One thing I can think of is that all the authors had a connection to Oxford.

    The other is that the books were banned at one time.

    The third is that at least 3 of the books are allegorical in nature. The Hobbit, of course is not allegorical.

  6. Delirious daddy wins. Amit, sorry honey you almost got it but you are in the family. All the authors went to Oxford University. C S Lewis even has a door dedicated to Aslan and both Tolkien and himself were close friends and wrote their books together. Lewis Carol's first reading of Alice in Wonderland was at my favorite pub in Oxford.

  7. Yeehaa! Victory dance!!

  8. Don't worry Amit. We'll give you a Caterpillar Club bookmark for participation :)

  9. Ok, thanks. I will rest content with the bookmark.



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