Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Blind Watchmaker

(For all the lovers of fantasy and Sci-fi fiction)

A blind watchmaker sits at the seam

Weaving time from every dream

Making sure that seconds do not go to waste

as every clock is running out of steam.

The wheels of time are turning around

The monks wail that things are upside down

Because the sweeper has got a golden eye

And time stops when the sweeper dies.

And when time stops the world it weeps

Because sadness of death, it starts to creep

Life is slow dying, it’s a matter of time

When time starts dying, so will mankind.

So to save all mankind, the blind watchmaker wakes

Sitting at the seams of time, he takes

Every wasted second from every dream

Until every clock gets back its steam.

Reshma Krishnan

“life is slow dying” - borrowed from “nothing to be said” by Philip Larkin.


  1. That reminded me of richard dawkins.

  2. It is in fact inspired by title of his book - The Blind Watchmaker, and also Terry Pratchette.



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