Sunday, October 30, 2011

Poem | Bollywood lust

Mid summer,
the heat rises off dust as rain falls.
It rises off his eyes as they tangle
and strangle  words,
that conjure images in the mind
Tut tut tut
your mother warned you.
Lest for a moments heat,
you find your future set in cold stone
that lie beneath waters that run over
never to find a level of their own.
A tragedy insurmountable
as conflict rises
to meet the moon a size of a pea
and a heart a size of 
a mountain that aches to move
but burdened with weight.
A compass that never strays,
to a leaf not knowing
which way the wind would next blow.
Always the options,
always the road
As open as it is, gets narrower
with distant horizons and
and suddenly there is only one way:
Succumb to the heat.

Reshma Krishnan 


  1. I dunno man..this layout is not so nice. I cant find anything..took my ages to find the comment button even. Im too old for this sort of change..grumble grumble..

  2. ha ha...did you like the poem at least?



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