Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Holidays| New Year Giveaways

The weekend of excesses is finally here. While Reshma is off to Edinburgh to headbang in a ball gown to the music of Still Death (or something life that), I will be staying in Mumbai, reveling in rest, relaxation and movies I didn’t get to watch during the year.

But before we sign off for the weekend we wanted to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! We sincerely hope that you see at least 3 resolutions through, and read all the books on your wish list.

To add some cheer to the season, we have decided to give away three books in the coming week. Just look at the titles above (selected totally at random) and use the comments section to tell us which one you want and why.

Rules: Wittiness could earn you one points. Randomness, maybe two! Only one entry per reader. No borders or boundaries - readers from across the world may enter.

We’re also giving out 5 Caterpillar Café bookmarks to the first five people who write in so hurry if you want your name stamped on those.

We will pick our winners at random and get in touch over email for your address. Contest closes on January 6 and winners will be announced the next day.

Happy Holidays! Hope you drink like a great white shark, and have a somewhat productive year ahead.


  1. Dear Afsha,
    I think I should have the Murakami because you've only just introduced me to him and I need to read more to be convinced of his greatness. I also think I should have this book because, you know, you're so... pretty.
    NYE good cheer,

  2. Dear Afsha,

    I want Terry Prachett's and Neil Gaiman's 'Good Omens' because that's what has been missing in my life throughout 2011. If you don't I'll become death riding binky.


  3. Dearest Afsha,
    I dont want Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens coz I already have a copy...the others work just fine though.
    And oh, thank you for introducing me to Murakami! Love his effortless style...
    Okay, so where's my book?

  4. Dear Afsha,
    Being the kind of girl who asks random lonely women to join your gal pals for a drink in fashion weeks (yes that was me!), you seem like a compassionate soul. So i will play on your kindness and reveal a deep dark secret. I have never ever won anything. No not even the piano pencil box that kids won with packets of maggi decades ago. so take pity on me (again;)) and send me a book. Good Omens seems so exciting i want to flipkart it right now. But i shall have faith on generosity and wait till jan 6.


  5. Dear Afsha,

    I think I should have the David Nicholl's book because of the follow ditty:

    You are so pretty
    And I am so witty
    I love to read books
    While Kabir gives me dirty looks
    for reading books without pictures in them
    And now I can think of more - ahem!


  6. After Dark. Because it's warm, comfortable, cozy. Or sultry, mysterious, like a city's dark alleys at night, with smells of open kitchens wafting towards you as you delve deeper into the city's belly to discover its likeness to your desires and dreams, good and bad, selfish and altruistic. Or cold and smooth like a steel rail gleaming in the streetlight on a bridge leading over the river and out of the city...but you don't want to take that bridge, you want to stay, soak in the coolness of the city, like your cheek against the steel rail, relief after a busy and stirring day.

    I want After Dark, whatever it is I want it, I want to know what Murakami means when he writes "After Dark".

    Happy New Year! Moritz

  7. Primal scream darling...Primal scream. Less headbanging more legs flailing to bagpipe music...I was just as ridiculous to watch though:)

  8. I am Primally Screaming that I want Good Omens. I deserve to win this because I am THE devoted reader of your blog. In fact, statistics show that one out of every two visits is from my computer, or a computer related to me. I refresh pages, just so that the hit counter goes up, and I further state that I have clicked every ad, sometimes more than once. I once made a joke in which your blog was cooler than Rajnikanth (but now have forgotten what the joke was, so don't ask me mkay?) I once nearly had your blog name tattooed on my arm, but then fainted when I saw the needle.

    In fact, for this almost slavelike, one might even say slightly religious and cultish devotion to your blog I deserve ALL THREE books!

    Phew! do I win?

  9. One "One day by David Nischolls" for me, please! I simply love the cover design.

    *With the left palm on the chest and the right outstretched* I also promise that I'll enjoy the book and also play a good guardian to it protecting it from wear and tear in the years to come.

  10. hey ppl.. I am first time writer only coz of this contest..!! Read the pondi story n totally fell in love with the place when i had been there.. yours was a totally hilarious and different take on that city.. Oh coming back to the contest.. After dark for me please coz m not really allowed outside after dark.. SO might as well read after dark :P :P


  11. Murakami

    Because great writing flies off the paper, plays music with the heart and lingers long after the book is over.

    If I get it, I'd definitely pass it on to another voracious reader. Scout's Honour!



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