Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fifty Shades of Rants

I ordered Fifty Shades of Grey on my Kindle the minute I read the first review published in the Sunday edition of a newspaper. How often do you see erotica glorified in the mainstream? Moreover, how often do you find BDSM mentioned, let alone discussed openly -- on television, online and in the papers -- in India?

The thing about romance and erotica is that while you're reading it, you allow yourself to believe that it's real and taking place in a dimension in which you openly acknowledge your need for escapism. But the minute the book's over, the questions start pouring in.

Why is this protagonist so lacking in confidence? Why is there so much talk of BDSM when all that's taking place is plain vanilla with a hint of dark chocolate? Why is there such a Mills and Boon spin to it -- Oh he doesn't love me, he never will, oh woe is me! -- when it's quite clear that he's completely smitten by her? I guess "my inner Goddess" hates female characters who don't believe in their own prowess, choosing instead to worship strong-willed men believing them to be way out of their league.

There are many schools of thoughts out there with varying opinions, arguments and rants about this novel. Good for you EL James! One of them comes from Sujata, fellow Caterpillar Reshma's Mum! Here's why she believes Flipkart should overhaul their 'You might also like.." software:

"I buy books through Flipkart. And Flipkart decided that I would like to read Fifty Shades of Gray? Maybe? After I finished reading the book I decided that they should definitely overhaul that software.

The title and the cover set you in a mood for that dark and literary writing akin to Josephine Hart, Huxleys, Murakami and others who can can take you on a dark ride with your heart, soul and loins wrung with exquisite roller coaster ride of emotions. Time magazine describes the author as one of the most influential woman and for a first time author this is pathbreaking.

So it was with great expectation that I started reading the book. It was difficult to get past the first chapter and as the book progressed I realized why it was a winner. Hallelujah!!! This was ....a mini booklet of Masters and Johnsons of  "let's do it". I'm sure sales of sex toys and aids has rocketed after the release of this book and the genre is here to stay. Great as a gift to the newly married, to that close friend... welcome to the new world of mommyporn!"

Full review of Fifty Shades of Grey coming up in time for the weekend. Until then, let us know what you think of the book and if you have anything to add to Sujata's piece. 

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