Monday, May 7, 2012

Poem | Willow's Plea

Willow’s Plea 

I look at the sky as it sprinkles itself with shiny dust,
and watch lady moon call in her disciples as she pulls in the tide.
Lady moon, hear your disciple, hear my plight.
I see his face as I see so many others,
and look for something I might never find.
I see the emotion; it works its way up through every vein pulsing red
and the words they ache to come out those lips, but no
further than the tip as they get stuck for want of strength.
Moments they last in a distant memory
and I know they will
fade one day as all things do from black to white and black again.
And all the shades of grey in between remind you of the useless things you say
that lack any reverence or weight.
Scares me, the things you say for effect,
he once said to me, when he told me he loved me.
Yet a part of who we are is so much for effect, is that not true?
Then why laugh, when you want to cry?
Why love when you have to lie?
Tired, tired am I of reading minds and between lines,
Oh, lady moon, pull me in, make me whole again,
as now a deep hole exists where he used to be,
Show me mercy as you pull in the tide.

Reshma Krishnan 

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