Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Poem | The Boxer

The Boxer

Shadow boxing, the ego goes on
It reaches the sky, never toughing the ground 
The boxer he closely peruses his fight
hoping that his only real adversary never falls down.

The more he skips, the more he turns
Ride on, ride on, his fight goes on,
Between the spirit and the cut
the rage within the silent frown.

The drums of a beating heart echo 
and pound against the ropes enclosed.
His silent private universe is formed
a battle between the mind and body unfolds.

Punch to the right, punch to the left
how hard can it be, fighting your own soul?
But to him, it is himself
And to ourselves we are never true.

And as the ego rushes to defense
it becomes his greatest enemy
And so the fight will be eternal 
until he sets the truth free.

Reshma Krishnan

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