Friday, November 26, 2010

Rewind with Refund

Now, if I hadn’t gone to a convent school that charged Rs. 5 (annually) as per the “free education for girls” scheme by the Indian government, I’d be lining up to collect a refund from my Principal, Sister V. or shouting for the crucification of a certain Teacher G. who had the knack of torturing the class' ‘dull’ pupils in cold blood. Why, she even picked girls who had the same sadistic qualities to 'monitor' us in her absence.

Refund really brought up memories from my own school days. “Finger on your lips and pay attention… did I ask you to put your hand up?”, “Silence, get out!!”, “What a stupid question, bring your calendar here so that I can give you a remark”. These aren’t quotes from the play. But they capture the essence of the whole ordeal of a schooling system so flawed you leave tainted, scarred and so angry you wish it had materially cost a fortune just so you could ungratefully sue them for everything they're worth and more.

Anyway, here’s a link to my review of Refund, a surreal play about a man who returns to his old school to get a refund on his education. 

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