Monday, July 4, 2011

Club Updates

Shruti Thacker, banished in a corner, without food and Margarita until she finishes the last 10 pages of Love in the Time of Cholera. Photo/ The Caterpillar Club
The Caterpillar Club started out in June 2011, hoping to unite  book and movie lovers for four hours on the first Sunday of every month. I imagined us eating, drinking and discussing the books we had all read before proceeding to a movie.

But the thing about clubs with members as dynamic as their interests (eg. contemporary music, experimental theatre and pop culture in the 80s), finding a bunch of people equally enthusiastic about exploring different aspects of culture overtakes any attempt to discuss the likes of Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

So before I get on to the new objectives of The Caterpillar Club, you should know the details of the meeting (dated: July 3, 2011) that inspired them.

Before: The onion for a dip that was made on a whim. Photo/ The Caterpillar Club

After: It came out a bit watery, but that's a lesson learned for next time.
Photo/ The Caterpillar Club

Before: Tomatoes for a Tomato and Cheese Salad with Fresh Oregano. Photo/ The Caterpillar Club

After: There was an excess of balsamic vinegar through no fault of the cook.  But it was louely!
Photo: The Caterpillar Club
Here's what we discussed after we got done with the book (With only a handful of members present, it didn't take too long to go around).

New recruits:
Founders of The Club have recruited ex-investment banker, now seriously cool writer, Reshma Krishnan as Treasurer (we'll find things to treasure, I'm sure), and Human Resources consultant and yummy mummy at large, Nidhi Ramachandran as, well... HR consultant.

I figure this will make my life really easy because I don't like dealing with money matters or (dis)pleasing people. So, thank you ladies and welcome aboard!

While book lovers will always have a book to read and rip to shreds, we're going to bring in a lot more variety for members who don't have the patience or the penchant for reading. That is why we're going to hold meetings for movies on a separate Sunday. We will pick a genre after every meeting and take it from there. We did discuss other activities as well but more on that when they've been finalised.

The next watch:
The first Sunday of August, which falls on the 7th. Will come back with more clarity on the movie we'll be watching and the genre it belongs to.

The next read:
The sci-fi novel that trumps all sci-fi novels (or so I'm told) Dune by Frank Herbert. We have until August 21 to read it so hopefully it won't be killing anyone soon. (Rs. 359 if you Flipkart it)

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