Saturday, August 20, 2011

RecommendedReads | Happy Apostrophe Day!

Well it was yesterday, and so was Navroze! So it was a an exciting day for Parsi's, lovers of salli ghost and apostrophe's alike. We come bearing articles on publishing, an iconic journalist and a cartoon from Oatmeal to celebrate yesterday's key global holiday.

Headline: Come One, Come All
Publication: Open Magazine
Afsha says: I've always wondered how publishers go about selecting what to publish. Over the years I've taken a few hints based on the covers I've seen in the Mumbai local but this article puts a few of my theories to play in addition to lending some factual perspective. It doesn't matter if you're an aspiring author, voracious reader or a highly bored person looking for temporary escape. This essay is an interesting read for everyone.
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Headline: Notes on a Voice - Joan Didion
Publication: The Intelligent Life, The Economist
Reshma says: Didion's 'The Year of Magical Thinking' was the first non-fiction book I ever read. A memoir, built upon the year after her writer, collaborator and life partner died, did things to my insides. I remember sitting at Flavours, a well known Italian eatery in Delhi, and holding back the tears so as to not draw the undue attention of Arjun Rampal (seriously), who was sitting nonchalantly right in front of me enjoying a solitary Sunday lunch. She is an iconic journalist and this article is a lovely insight into her explosive prose. It talks of a trick that I learnt from her, which is to give some mundane detail right before a gut wrenching moment. Also check out An excerpt from her NY times article, Why I write.
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Headline: International Apostrophe Day
Publication: The Oatmeal
Reshma says: Yesterday was International Apostrophe Day. To celebrate the special occasion, my favorite Oatmeal has gifted us a poster on how to use apostrophe's. While, for some this may come naturally, I am the first to admit to scratching my head sometimes on whether its a pianist's heaven or a pianists' heaven. Oh well! Hope this helps!
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  1. *sniff!* you make me realise that writing is a thing of beauty and artfulness! Also, an egocentric activity which suits ME just fine. However, it makes ME realise why you guys write so much. Egomaniacs!

    Read the poster on the semicolon..its pretty awesome!



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