Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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"Run, Run, As fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man."

Good Morning, We hope you had a fantastic weekend! Ours was filled with fashion week and George R R Martin's A Dance with Dragons. Flipkart was nice enough to deliver The Divine Comedy along with Blood, Bones and Butter which will keep me thoroughly entertained that I will find no time to work! Oh well...

Final Larsson Novel 70% complete
Publication: The Guardian
Reshma says: So most of us have read the Millennium series and the rest of us left it half way as George R R Martin took over. As good as Larsson is, he cannot compete with nerds who have waited five years for Martin's books and have to start reading all four of them again in order to get ready for the fifth. But these books have spawned a great deal of interest in the Nordic detective novel. My first was The Savage Alter by Asa Larrson and then of course the incredible Snowman by Jo Nesbo, every bit as good as the Millennium series. Back to the article in question, diehard fans would be well aware of the controversy surrounding Larrson's estate and consequently this novel. Most posthumously published books are disastrous, Robert Jordan's work being a good example. Until that is published, Larrson lovers can secure sustenance by reading Stieg Larrson, my friend by Kurdo Baksi For all those lovers of Nordic crime we will do a wrap up soon. But until then, tuck into the two above.
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Headline: Smithsonian's 2010 Notable books for children
Publication: Smithsonian Magazine
Reshma says: Ever since a little boy came into my life, I hunt for children's books. I hunt in small book stores when I travel, I hunt in art galleries and I hunt in second hand book shops that pave the roads in cities I travel. They are a thrill to buy. I,more than not, always read them before I give them to the delightful child and marvel at the colour of the illustrations and rhyme of the lyrical poetry. Some of the best feedback came from the Gruffalo series that I wished I had had as a child. My favorites growing up were the Gingerbread Man and Noddy. Strange how I now hate ginger:)
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  1. How could you put the final Millenium book down even? Things are happening like an action movie in that last books final chapters... I couldnt afford to look up and the only think that made me do so was a wailing infant who had to be nursed or cuddled...

  2. Ha ha...True I am sure. I will pick it up again once Dance of the Dragons is done.

  3. lovely selection of books for the kiddos. Will ask Nidhi to Flipkart them if she hasnt already!

    Steig Larsson is pretty much a genius, although I can totally understand being spoilt for choice and reading other stuff as well!

  4. I have to read Larsson...I just keep postponing it!!!!His life story was amazing as well.....



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