Saturday, August 27, 2011

RecommendedReads | Rainy Day Reads

Can you hear that? It's the wind and it's whistling like a banshee on helium. Reshma expects a coconut tree to come through her french windows soon. So we don't suppose there's much for you to do except curl up in your blanket, hot tea close at hand, for some comfort reading. Unless of course, you much prefer the images of Gandhians and hurricanes flashing across your television screen....

Calvin and Hobbes It's a Magical World 
"1..2...3... SNOW!" The thing I love about Calvin is that he'd give anything for snow. And most of the time it isn't only because of the possibility of a day off from school. I sort of know how he feels, especially when summer's about to end and I start praying for rain every day. This year, I even offered the rain gods a coconut! And then the rains arrived. This pleased people immensely until they forgot about the sweltering heat and humid sheets. Calvin, on the other hand, is never seen dissing the snow, no matter how cold it gets which is why I've decided that this year, I won't dis the rain no matter how wet it gets. So grab a copy of It's A Magical World and loose yourself in the life and mind of a seemingly cynical little boy on a quest to find joy in everything around him, whether he likes it or not.  

PD James : The Lighthouse
She is undoubtedly the reigning queen of British crime fiction and what better way to toast to perfect English weather. A working peer, 85 year old James never betrays her age as her tone and diction seem as contemporary as a thirty year old crime writer. Besides her Inspector Adam Dalgliesh, the stoic poet that makes your heart flutter, has been made for every age. This is the perfect rainy day novel. As the wind howls outside your window, you will be transported to a spooky island off Cornwall in England, where a private estate taken over by a charitable trust is in the throes of, MURDER. A world renowned writer is found hanging from the top most railings of a lighthouse and so begins a convoluted hunt for the killer. As always, James is never predictable or disrespectful of death. The island takes the atmosphere of a snowed in house. As the Inspector and his team are holed up in this little fictional island, painstakingly drawn characters- an editor, a subjugated daughter and other eccentrics , plot around them. You know know you are not about to get off this ride until the last page. For those of you who are P D James devotees, this is the one where the Inspector struggles with love and his philosophies and finds himself lost for answers. For first timers, it is the beginning of your love affair with the queen of british crime. If you have an IPAD or a Kindle, download it now and settle in with a hot cuppa tea. The blistering rain is only getting started.


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