Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RecommendedReads | Homage to the book

Suffice to say my co-blogger and I conveniently slacked off during the long weekend for which we apologise. We're back in full swing now - books, clubs, posts and all - so stay tuned because we've got some exciting stuff coming up this week. Ciao for now.

Headline: Long Live the Book
Publication: Abe Books
Reshma says: Admit it. Every-time somebody says they hate reading books you want to shake them. These days it's often followed by, "I only read Magazines". I know it is wrong to judge. But most of us do and in the least. we feel sorry for them. Sorry that they are missing out on hanging out with a Mumbai dancebar girl or chasing after a golden snitch or even just sitting back and watching a detective catch his hundredth criminal while he puts a glass of cognac to bed. Abe Books has created the most lovely homage to the Book.
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Headline: Overrated
Afsha says: When I finish a book, I walk over to my bookshelf almost instantly to see what's still on offer. And if you're a hoarder like me, chances are there will be a lot to pick from. "I ought to have read Three Men in a Boat, after all these years..." "Maybe I'll get cracking on Poe short stories that aren't The Tell-Tale Heart..." "Someday, I will read The Iliad... in Greek!" Maybe it's time we stop trying to be seem impressive to our fellow readers and just stick to books, authors and genres we enjoy.
Reshma's two paisa: Found two other people who refused to be bowled over by "Catcher in the Rye". Filled me with glee.
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