Saturday, August 13, 2011

Poem | The Honeycomb World

Peel off the earth and there you will see
A layer of hexagons three by three
Squishy yellow cells a thousand feet deep
Glittering like molten gold.
But peer with more minuteness
To where the creatures lie, their teeth snapping at the darkness
Snap, snap, snap,
Beneath that glistening first prize.
In bated breath for you to slip through a fissure
For you to crawl through your dreams and slip into
Falling through, no, no, no,
they won’t catch you.
But they will circle
round and round as you hit the ground with a thud, thud, thud
that echoes in the darkness of limitless caverns.
Deep in the corners, that’s where they lurk,
Under boundaries where all worlds collide
With not a bang but a whisper
And one little push is all you need to stray away from the light
Into the honeycomb world.
Where thing’s don’t go bump in the night
No, no, no, they just slither in and out.
Put your ear to the ground,
and I am sure you will agree.
Can you not hear the buzzing of a little honeybee?
Reshma Krishnan

Inspired by The Killing Kind, a book by John Connolly.


  1. Thanks a lot guys. Now I won't be able to sleep at night. Hope you are happy ;)

  2. Thanks, Reshma, I'm glad you enjoyed my poem. I'll make you a deal- I'll check out John Connoly if you check out Tom Robbins. He's one of my favorite authors at the moment, and he's very much into the metaphysical (although he has a sense of humor about it).

    I also loved your poem. We are just an inch away from that very visceral darkness. What I loved about "Honeycomb World" was the sound of the poem. I hear those sounds too- they sometimes keep me up at night.



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