Monday, September 26, 2011

Poem | Her song

A poem by Jason Menezes, our guest contributor for the week. 

The Little Mermaid Painting
Adrian Borda
Her Song

that sea creature
gave up everything
to walk on land
and see you in your element

those feet bled
on stones that cut
more than skin
still no sound escapes
from those lips
he would not hear his name

he sees the anomalie
some contrived form of human
strangely addictive
yet fatal
for him
the mundane will do

and on those craggy stones again
taunted by the sea
it bleeds
with a heartless home
and distraught destiny

it can’t return, the tides of time have turned over the mellow evening sun into the sea

it falls

and the stones stop hurting
the sea creature
who chose to walk on land
now washed away
with pieces of broken desire
that suffocate slowly. 

- Jason Menezes

It seems to have been inspired by The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson. No, not by the happily-ever-after story by Disney where a crab does the cabaret "Under the Sea", but by the tale of a beautiful young girl who gives everything up for love and gets nothing in return. How it became a fairy tale is something I have never understood. For more by Jason Menezes, please check out Word-ka ShotsFor more Fairy Tale discussions check out Afsha's critique on Tangled vs Rapunzel

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