Monday, March 12, 2012

99 Posts In...

We're about to complete two years with this blog in May, though we only partnered up a little less than a year ago. Good thing too because can you imagine how much longer it would have taken a lazy, albeit creative Afsha to touch 100 posts all by herself?

As we enter this week, we're looking forward to Post # 100 which we think you, our readers, will find quite engaging. Won't say no more here. You're just going to have to wait and see. All we can say is make sure you have your iPods handy.

In this, our 99th Post, we'd like to leave with with a little flashback featuring the five most popular posts on The Caterpillar Cafe to date. They have the highest all time hits on our blog. But if you have a personal favourite that isn't featured in this list, do link us to it in the comments section. Do it. Do it!

Anyway, here goes in descending order:

#5: We introduced guest posts last year with this review by Firdaus Variava and we're really proud to announce that it ranked fifth on The Caterpillar Cafe. Thanks for contributing Fido! Our readers love you just as much as we do. Review | The Emperor of all Maladies

#4: This isn't quite related to books or literature per say but our blog does make an exception sometimes to make way for the voices in our heads. At number four we have Afsha Khan's misadventure in Germany with Flight of the SatNav Lady

#3: She surged ahead with shrewd confidence in the cut-throat world of investment banking. But who knew that beneath all those layers of numbers, figures and other stuff these bankers do that us normal folk don't understand, there lay a shy, sensitive poet? The first ever poem published on The Caterpillar Cafe by Reshma Krishnan, who hasn't looked back since, was well received by our readers. A Poem for No one

#2: "This is a honeycomb world. It hides a hollow heart." Need we say more? Author Spotlight | John Connolly

#1: Both Reshma and Afsha attempted this book and couldn't go beyond a certain point because of how disturbing they found the mother-daughter duo in The Piano Teacher. Curse their perfectly sweet, doting mothers, who left them unable to relate to Erika's deep-rooted insecurities, irrational attachments and psychologically manipulative mother! A Soul Burning Read | The Piano Teacher

Finally, before moving forward, we would really like to thank all our readers who have kept us going these past two years with their comments, encouragement and sometimes, by just lurking for a post or two before moving on to other reads. It doesn't hurt to say 'hi' but it's quite all right if you're still too shy. Keep reading.

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