Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Poem | Poets and Rocket Scientists

Poets and Rocket Scientists

They call it the crossing over through the mist
Of a poet like me into a rocket scientist
A philosopher into a lover of detail
Abstract thought into numerical Braille
They tell me that my intuition is not enough
That the sustainability of my 
core-competency is much too rough
That it will not suffice to know how the CAPM goes
You need to derive the risk-premium and what else, who knows?
Why don’t they get it, 
that there is more to Blackscholes than just an equation.
That there is more to a sample than a standard deviation
That numbers can fairly be described in words,
See 33 is still always thirty-third.
Anyway I don’t think there needs to be a war.
Complementary alliances are what are called for
Economies of scope that push
 the imagination to its brink
Imagine the world when a poet and a rocket scientist get together and think.

Reshma Krishnan

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