Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poetry | I am a freakshow

Theo Altenberg, Angst, 1987 - 92

I am a freak show.
I am a liar.
I see the world as a broken
mirror cased in a golden frame.
Drowning hurt in a multitude of
Glory and fame.
So call me a freak show
Call me a liar.

I slay the perfectly mowed lawn
with black coal tar.
Slash through a black tie convention
like a thousand guitars.
Do an arabesque in a black tutu
My toes sink in quicksand.
I work best when am trampled on,
shot at, mauled by military dogs of the thirteenth band
But mostly when they call me a freak show.
When they call me a liar.

I dare you.
Call me a freakshow
Call me a liar. 

Reshma Krishnan

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