Saturday, November 10, 2012

Giveaway | So many books So little time

Hello Hello,
The lovely people from Westland publishing have given us four of their latest books to review. The Caterpillars have only so much time, especially since Afsha Khan has set out to conquer the world of Social Media on her own with Social Bombils. So see if any of the following books really take your fancy, send us a note why you want to review it and a link to some of your recent writing work. The Caterpillars will take a look and get back to you. Only Mumbai residents please.


Thundergod by Rajiv G Menon - Click here for details

Zombiestan by Mainak Dhar- Click here for details

Reviews of the following coming up! 

Banquet on the Dead - Click here for details 
Email us, comment on facebook, hell scream. We'll probably hear you! The only thing we require is a link to some of your previous writing. If you haven't written a review before, write one of a recent book you have read and send that across to us.  A small price to pay we think, for a free book. 



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