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Fine Fiction | The Deceiver

The Caterpillar Cafe loves young talent even if it is seriously young like 10-year-old Govindanaraen. He is our youngest ever contributor and we are so happy to publish his first short story. 

The Deceiver
by Govindnaraen Khandelwal

It was late night and it was raining cats and dogs in Washington D.C. I was sitting down on my bed thinking of Luke Neo. I hated him a lot because he was the only criminal I had failed to catch and that had held me fifteen months from getting promoted. 

Luke is on the top list of the ICL (International Crime List). I am FBI agent, Jake Parker, and I am 34 years old. When I was about to check the latest stats on Luke, suddenly there was another call. I groaned as this might be the billionth time the crazy lady must be calling me thinking I was a businessman who worked with her. But it was my boss, Sam. He said, “Jake, go to these coordinates 99* S and 34* W. We suspect that Luke is in this mall.”

Before I could say a word, he hung up.

I definitely had to go. It was my mission to catch Luke.

When I finally reached the mall, the security guard blocked me from entering. “I’m sorry but the mall is closed, Sir”, he said.

“F.B.I, let me in”

I took the stairs since the electricity was off. When I reached the second floor I saw a shop open and the first person I saw there was Luke typing at his laptop. As I was about to take my gun and shoot, suddenly I felt something burning on my back. When I turned, I saw the guard who had restricted me from entering pointing a tranquilliser at me. Then I saw Luke again. He just smiled at me and went back typing at his computer. I fell down on the ground slowly closing my eyes.

I woke up with a startle. I heard Luke saying that we were in the safehouse in Georgia. When he finally realised that I had woken up, he said, “Still with those stupid F.B.I agents. Man you are meant to be with us, your brain and our power can rule the world.”
I did not answer. Instead I tried to get my gun out. But when I tried to reach for my gun, I realised I did not have a gun, and I also remembered that I was in a safe house packed with henchmen. 

“What were you doing in the mall?” I asked a bit inquisitively.

“Just hacking into the president’s computer,” he said, typing something on the laptop.
“Why in a mall?” I asked.
“Did you see the shop’s name.”
“It’s called Hallmark if you turn it around and it spells Kramllah. Kramllah is a mafia group present from 1990. It was the greatest mafia group in history and the leader wanted to kill the president and fake as him and order nuclear strikes all over the world"
“So what were you doing in the shop.” I asked
“When they failed, I made up my my mind that I will carry on that project.”
“Why?” I asked.

“You know the leader of Kramllah is an impostor in the F.B.I and also related to me”.

“He.” I said, in a bit of a suspicious tone.
“Yeah, you got a problem?”
I had learned more about the case now. Since Luke was so glued to his laptop, I figured out that if I could come up with a plan and trick him to break out of this stinking place. Suddenly, I saw a water bottle and said, “I need water.”

Luke turned to one of his henchmen and told him to give me water. As the henchman walked towards me, I saw a gun in his pocket. I grabbed the gun and shot him on his knee. He cried in pain. I heard Luke calling for reinforcements. I ran out of the window and saw a car with no one in it. I could hear gunshots behind me and did not even dare to look back. As I neared the car, I saw Luke’s henchmen behind and in front of me, I was nearing the car when a missile shot by one of the henchmen went zooming past me. The missile missed me by a couple meters and the dust blinded me. I reached the car and found the keys on the dashboard. Soon I was in the car driving fast. I headed towards the J. Edgar Hoover Building, the headquarters of the F.B.I. in Washington.

When I reached the F.B.I headquarters, I found that my boss, Sam, was already there. I was happy to see him. I took immediate action of informing him about there being a spy in F.B.I. Minutes later we were on a private helicopter ride to NYC to discuss matters with the C.I.A. Actually I was feeling very happy going back to the C.I.A because I would be meeting my friends and my former CIA boss. In the middle of the flight, Sam said that he needed to use the washroom. When he got up I heard a shrill sound. As boss was walking towards the washroom, he removed his knife and jabbed it in my stomach. I felt like an ant who was being crushed by a humans shoe slowly and painfully.

“I am the leader of Kramllah and Luke is my child. When my plan failed, he took up the challenge of doing the same. He reports to me everyday.” Sam said this cruelly.

I felt like I was dying there and nobody but me and the leader of Kramllah were there. I saw a gun on the table and with all my energy I pushed Sam. Before he could react, I shot him.

The pilot had witnessed all these events. He supported me in this case. Immediately he turned the chopper towards the hospital. Three months later, after I was healed, I finally was promoted. We also found a GPS tracker that belonged to Sam. Through that we found the coordinates of Luke and his gang’s location. Soon after, we imprisoned Luke and his gang.

Luke and his gang are rotting in the jail and I am relaxing on my new chair in my new cabin waiting for a crime to unfold.  


  1. Sohum Khandelwal( brother of Govindnaraen)May 28, 2017 at 9:20 PM

    Very well written ITS AWESOME

  2. Priscilla RodriguesApril 3, 2018 at 10:21 PM

    Too good for a 10 year old . Keep going !

  3. Priscilla RodriguesApril 3, 2018 at 10:28 PM

    Awesome write up , given the age . Another Dan Brown in the making . Keep going !



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