Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What kind of reader are you? | A rant

The books you read say a lot about you. How you read a book however, speaks volumes about your personality.

Are you a book addict? Tearing at a novel's pages every free moment you get?

Are you a reading addict? Scanning the contents at the back of cereal boxes during breakfast or under packets of tissue paper in the loo?

Are you a fidgety reader? Fluttering through pages never really getting in or out of a story with ease?
Are you adventurous with your picks? Scanning lists and lists and lists related to your lists to find your next read?

I’d like to think of myself as “all of the above” though of late I have been leaning towards the fidgety side of things. This isn't because my style of reading has changed. It's because my lifestyle has.
I guess that's another category of “reader”, isn't it? The kind of person who loves to read but is hindered by distractions like beeping phones, chattering at coffee shops or motion sickness...

The only thing to do in such cases is not to give it. To chug along. Keep trying. Reading. Neil Gaiman can't keep you in his grip? Move on to chicklit. Zadie Smith just going on and on and on? And on. Move on to a thriller. Fantasy just too fantastical in the midst of the mundane? Hello YA!
I guess I'm still in the throes of 'all of the above' which can be summed up in one word, really - indecisive.

But there's no room for self-doubt even if I have only finished two out of the last 10 books I started.
What is wrong with me? Nothing, really. Just life. A certain lifestyle. Distractions and... stuff.
There was a time I wrote about everything I read. EVERYTHING. But lately I haven't been reading enough, or intensely enough to churn out a decent enough review-rant-rave.

So this is where I will insert your voice, dear reader, whispering: "Don't beat yourself up about it." "Everyone goes through these phases." "Why don't you just pause? Take it slow for a while?"

Pause? Take it slow? I can't pause. I'm nothing if not a reader. I love words and the worlds they wield. But you're right. Maybe I should take it slow. And give myself some room to breathe. Think. Formulate my thoughts.

To be honest, I didn't always finish all the books I wrote about in the past. For good reason too. Reasons I often used as anchors for my posts.

So what's changed between then and now? Nothing what-so-ever! Well, maybe the new city, new job, two dogs and unfamiliar domestic setting are still more or less brand-spanking-new. But yes, other than that, nothing much.

I'm still an ardent reader. I still love discovering cool new titles across genres.

In fact, now that I've got this rant out of the way, I'm actually buzzing with new things to write about. Like Gone Girl, which I read and, well, really really need to discuss with someone before I go absolutely insane! Oh, and GoodReads has become my go-to site to find seriously awesome reads I wouldn't have ever found otherwise. That deserves a post, don’t you think so? I also live in a city which has a ridiculously large number of readers! The largest in India, if sales figures are to be believed. The number of quaint little bookstores are staggering in how they're designed to keep you trapped behind beautiful stacks of books -- old, new, undiscovered, forgotten -- until closing time.

It’s time to wake up and bring this blog back to life. Now, I know we’ve said this once before and went back to the grind, our post drafts getting rusty, and our bookshelf lying forgotten.

This is where I promise you new and exciting posts a week. Maybe more if we can wing it! But it’s time to stop making promises and actually putting those posts about wonderfully exciting books into action so you can see for yourself.

PS: Does anyone else think we need to get a design makeover? Reshma and I have been discussing this (agreeing mostly) for months now but haven't really come to a conclusion as to whether we want a new look. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Update at 4.29pm: Ok, we went ahead and changed it anyway. It's a lot simpler than our previous layout but it has way more features and opportunities to interact. Also, subscribe?

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