Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RecommendedReads | An introduction

Welcome back to our lair. We're proud to announce that that from today, The Caterpillar Cafe will be updated on a daily basis. 
Our RecommendedReads section will appear at 10am every morning and will feature our selection of the coolest articles, websites and books we've read in the last 24 hours. We hope you enjoy this section and in turn, contribute with recommendations of your own.


Headline: Is Google making us stupid?
Afsha says: I don't know if you feel it yet, but I do. Google is making me stupid. It's bad enough that I can't do math, let alone get to the bottom of this long article I recommend everyone should read. But I will. Today. I hope. Unless I Instapaper it! Regardless, it is a long, but well researched story. So do have a go and let us know what you think.

Headline: Jo Bell’s Poetry Workshop
Reshma says: I look around what I treasure and find a note book that I doubt will survive and a mug with a head of a daschund as its handle. A thousand years from now, someone will look at it and say, "This person loved dogs" and assume that I had one. Goes to show how much we assume in Archaeology.

Headline: The heady thrill of having nothing to do
Afsha's says: Can boredom make you more creative? Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, concurs with the “experts” proposing this theory, and credits his creativity to the “soul-crushing boredom of (his) childhood”. I loved it. Reading this piece in the Wall Street Journal is definitely going to be one of the high points of your day.
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