Friday, September 2, 2011

RecommendedReads | So many books, so little time.

Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi!
At the outset The Caterpillar Cafe would like to say that it is a sad day when people are not allowed to tell their stories. The cancellation of the Harud Literary Festival in Kashmir on the back of partisan lobbying is an outrage, especially when it has been based on hearsay. Rahul Pandita's The Autumn of Hypocrisy is a beautiful lament to the freedom of expression. If we stop people telling their stories quietly, how can we blame them when they begin to shout?

Headline: The best new debut authors!
Publication: According to the Guardian Long List
Reshma Says: Looking for something to read? A fantastic new list of debut authors is ripe for the picking. I am salivating at the thought of reading Sidereal by Rachel Boast, who they say is like a confident Seamus Heaney. High Praise indeed! The Collaborator by Mirza Waheed has been receiving rave reviews and is the first on my must- read now. The Night Circus seems to echo The Water for Elephants but other wise the list is chocoblock with newbies that will make your bookshelves sparkle.
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Headline: Do I Have to Read 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' Before I See the Movie
Publication: The Atlantic
Reshma Says: “Argh! How could they leave that scene out? How could they possibly cast that singular expression Keira Knightly as Elizabeth?" Books-to-movies is a perennial source of frustration to both fans and directors alike. Be honest, you have always visualized your favorite movie being put to screen. You were the first to run to the cinema when X men hit the screens and you waited patiently for Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the ring to be released even as you refreshed the web page day after day to ogle at Aragon and check if the Uruk-Hai matched your childhood fantasies. No? Ok, ignore that. About 13 movies are coming out this autumn that are based on books-after all novelists do all the hard work to come up with the story that script writers joyfully tear apart. This write up is useful for those who want to know whether to read the books before they watch the movie. I agree with most of it except I would not recommend either reading or watching Twilight after the disastrous films. Sadly I cannot comment on the list having not read many of these books, but I do believe that when in doubt always read the book before the movie.
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Should you read Game of Thrones before you start discovering it on HBO?
Reshma Says: Absolutely, even though the HBO adaptation is in fact quite good. The casting has been fantastic and apart from portraying Cersei with a bit too much humanity, the HBO adaptation brings you the sex, intrigue and the sheet ruthlessness of Westeros with startling graphic. For instance they don't shy away from killing of children. However I am curious to know how future books will be adapted. The Feast of crows for instance is a slow read that focuses primarily on politicking with little warfare. And Martin has decided to create parallel timelines that would give HBO episode issues. Also what about scripting minor characters like Davos and Anita. Here is another article on the adaptation of Game of Thrones and True Blood to TV from the Atlantic. Enjoy!
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  1. The Night Circus has me intrigued. But it costs Rs. 990 (eeps) on Flipkart :( I have The Collaborator if you want to borrow... tomorrow.


    Sorry for the outburst. But that's just ridiculous. He's a POV character for heaven's sake. Also, who is Anita? There's no such person in the books.

  3. Ha ha...I love the passionate outburst. I meant a minor POV character in the earlier books. In fact he is getting very major now as I read Dance with dragons and therefore see your point. Sorry I meant Asha Greyjoy not Anita. Have made the change! Thank you!

  4. Cool.

    (BIG SPOILER ALERT) (SURE? REALLY BIG SPOILER ALERT) (GO BACK, YOU IDIOT!) But he practically changes the course of the war by bringing Stannis up to The Wall. (DON'T BE SAD. TOLD YOU NOT TO COME HERE)

    I can't believe I have not read ASOAIF today.

    Freyan, they'll put up your comment. Don't be sad.



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