Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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With Reshma about town, hustling and bustling to finish up her novel, even as her laptop’s on vacation at the repair shop, and me being lazy disorganized extremely busy, oh what the hell, it’s been hard to keep this space consistent. We’re sorry dear reader. We love you, you know that, and we sincerely appreciate your loyalty to our little blog. We promise to be more consistent here on out, even if it’s just RRs such as this.

Having spoken to lots of our friends, family and fans, we’re in the process of deciding how to take this space to the next level in terms of variety and versatility. But more on that when it’s set in stone and polished. Until then, keep looking in on us, sending us your feedback and hitting us up for a nice literary chat.

Unfinished Business
‘I could write a book about it…’ How many times have you said these words to yourself? It’s irrelevant what ‘it’ actually is. What matters is that ‘it’ is on your mind and you wish you could turn it into a full blown novel. Why, if EL James and Chetan Bhagat can do it so badly and get rich, you’re bound to do it well and get respectably richer! But we all know that competition in the publishing industry – already in a flux, dangling between foggy futures with e-books on one side, and print on the other. Moreover, you start a novel, or two, maybe even five until you realise that perhaps you’re not cut out for this. Or maybe you just need 10 years, more life experience and better writing skills.

Of course, you could die somewhere along the way, or get committed to an asylum before finishing your masterpiece, like many of the greatest writers of all time. Anything's good if we could only just join the ranks of Flaubert, Joyce, Steinbeck and Tolkien in their unfinished glory...

For you perusal and pleasure, a list of 9 Unfinished Novels by Great Writers by Publishers Weekly. It’s really cool to know that even the greatest have works that are incomplete, unpolished and come undone for various reasons. Although, please bear in mind before taking heart, these are still literary greats who churned out some of the most inspirational writing that stood the test of time. So there's still a long way to go, and lots of work to be done.

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