Monday, October 1, 2012

RecommendedReads | Rare interview with J K Rowling

As The Casual Vacancy flies off the shelves -- mostly because of pre-orders like mine which get bought solely on the fact that it is J K Rowling -- the web is awash with criticism. She's not on the bestseller list yet, but it only came out Friday. Some of the reviews, like the New Yorker, are scathing while the Guardian's is more restrained, preferring to say,
"Rowling relies on stock situations and verbal clichés; if you're irritated by important episodes being telegraphed with phrases such as 'But then came the hour that changed everything,' then this is probably not the novel for you. But equally, it offers something that more stylish, highbrow fiction often doesn't or won't: a chance to lose yourself in a dense, richly-peopled world."
The cafe is sharing this read with you not for the review -- any respectable potter fan is going to buy this book -- but for the extremely rare and insightful interview that has been embedded here where J K Rowling doesn't whine, understands her life is perfect, hasn't read Fifty Shades of Grey and says that the worst they can say is that it's shockingly bad.

Watch the video on The Guardian here

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