Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poetry | Chicken Shit Triangles

Love Triangles Gone Bad
-Ben Walker
She watches you from the corner of her
eye as you look at me 
and as I watch this three way
Glance of love and hate.
As we sit at the table,
the electricity is undeniable
And so are the silent accusations of late.

We are playing risk games with the most fragile of all men,
We go round and round this same circle and then we all fall down again.
But never do we learn, I think to my self
As a slow sip of water I go to take.
And as a slow roasted chicken comes from her end to mine
If she had her way that chicken would blind
If I had mine, that chicken would weep
And if you had yours, two chickens you would keep.

To feed your ego the way you want them to
Narcissus you are, as much as I love you.
This whole scene in slow motion would be cruel
To mostly her,
as she doesn’t know the rules
Of the games we now play.
To me it’s sad, pathetic, one might say
To think that you will live your life like this,
Always wanting what you will always miss.

To you its frustration, that you cannot really have
This constant situation, one for your heart
And another for your bed.
To others at this table it’s just a story of thrill
Of three people having dinner,
never having their fill.
To life and big picture, 
it’s just as significant as about the profundity of chicken shit.

- Reshma Krishnan

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  1. This poem is to an amazingly high standard! Reshma has a very deep understanding of the emotional intricacy of complex human behaviour. More from Reshma please!!!!

  2. "To Think that you will live your life like this,
    Always wanting what you will always miss"... Amazing poem Reshma... Keep it up



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